Baptiste Yoga Level One Training Journey into Power At Menla in upstate New York

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When I was preparing to leave for this training of course I was very nervous! I wanted to work this program and do my best. I wanted to show up for myself and put the work in. Before going over this experience I want to say a few thing first!

I found that not much is written about the experiences of level one training. One of the best blogs I found on it is here Jentechyoga!

I was able to meet Jen at our training and she is fabulous by the way!

So…I arrived one day before and I left one day after.  I wanted to have some down time before and after the program.  I stayed in Albany at the same hotel both days.  I also had a single room for the training.  I do not regret that decision, for no reason other than I am almost fifty and I have sleep issues sometimes.  For me it was not that I didn’t want teamwork and togetherness.  I didn’t want to wake others up because I woke up at 2 or 3am.  I found that my single room was a little hot during the day, but just perfect at night with the windows open.  No AC in the rooms.  I cannot comment on the other rooms because I was by myself.

The scenery….by the way….I loved……in the middle of nothing but nature.  It was truly beautiful!  Check it out here… Menla

I brought 21 changes of yoga clothing and I used 18 changes of clothing.  Bring as much as you can so you have enough.  I cannot express enough…BRING A LOT OF CLOTHING!  I showered every morning and only showered once during the afternoon and that was big mistake.  Not enough time to do that and eat.  By the time I was changed I was sweating again anyway.  So just know that you will get back and do a quick change of clothing before you go back up the hill for training.  You will all stink together!  LOL! Trust me just the change of clothing is fabuloous!  Bring an umbrella and a pair of shoes that are not flip flops.  You may find that you need a little more going up and down the hills at Menla.

For the first two days I was severely dehydrated!  (I did not prepare enough).  My fingers were locking up-that had NEVER happened to me before with all the hot yoga I had done previously!  I am 200 hour YTT also and I never was this dehydrated!  You will definitely need some kind of electrolytes to add to your water.  You will need to consume much of both!  I used NUUN tablets.  NUUN Tablets

You will need yogitoes from Manduka

Bring as many as you can fit.  You will be practicing A LOT….you can hang and reuse if you have to, but make sure you have some….you will need the towels.  They had regular sweat towels for us to use.  I had brought them for no reason.  When I go back for level II I won’t bring those.

Be prepared for at least two full practices a day along with practicing all day long in between.  Your minutes/days are filled.

Menla has a little store so you can get some incidentals….bug spray…soaps…stuff like that….

This experience was one of the best in my life.  I cannot wait to do level II…even knowing that I will get my ass kicked again, and not just physically.  You get what you put in…and I wanted to work hard here and to get what I needed to get out of this experience.  I am assuming you can do this training and keep everything in….well for me…I paid a lot of money for this experience and I wasn’t going to just not do the work.  I cried a lot…I cried over things I thought I had already got over….I laughed a lot as well.  I came out of this experience a new person.  More healed and more love for myself and others.

My experience was one of great awareness of those things that I kept inside and didn’t know they were still lingering around and creating havoc in my life!  I really don’t want to get into this to much, because I want you all who read this to get your experience without everything let out of the bag!  Just know that if you want to work it you will.  You will find healing here and acceptance.

You will make friends.  The people you met on the first day are the people you are hugging and loving by the end of the week.

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