How to begin/prepare for your first Yoga class and basic Yoga Etiquette.


  • Don't eat two hours before practicing and please make sure you are well hydrated.
  • Bring Water. (I will also have bottled water available in studio) In hot Yoga you will sweat a lot, sometimes you will sweat the equivalent of a full liter bottle of water. You want to hydrate about every 15 minutes. Don’t wait till you are thirsty.
  • Wear comfortable sportswear. Something that will not fall over your eyes when you are upside down.  I suggest Yoga leggings/capris/crops.  I do not recommend boot cut yoga pants.
  • Come early to class so you are ready go on time!
  • Buy a good mat.  With so many to choose from you will find the one that works for you.  I recommend Jade mats.  I have some for sale at the studio.  I have mats for you to use in the beginning of your practice, but I do ask that you make that commitment to yourself and buy your own mat for your practice.
  • I also recommend a good Yoga towel!  I will also supply towels for you while you are at the studio.
  • Please remove your shoes before you come into the studio.  No shoes are allowed in the studio.  (Chair Yoga students exception to this rule)
  • Please do not bring your phones into the studio space.  I realize that we are an oilfield area here and that the phone may be necessary for some yogis.  Please advise me before class that your phone will be with you on SILENT MODE.  Please be present for your practice.
  • Please stay for the entire class.  If you cannot I ask that you leave prior to Savasana as to not disturb the other students.  Please advise me prior to the start of class that you will be leaving early.
  • Please leave your belongings in the cubicles provided or at the back of the studio space.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed in the studio.
  • Also, feel free to ask me after class for help.  I stay after every class to answer questions!

Frequently Asked Questions?


 I am a beginner...can I come to any class?

Yes!  All classes are accessible for all levels of practice.  I create a safe space for all students to practice at their own level and ability.  I offer modifications for poses to make the practice open for all.  This practice is available for every human!  🙂

Should I many times a week?

I always tell my students once a week is better than nothing, but twice makes a difference in your practice as you transform your body, mind and spirit.  My suggestion is a minimum of 3x per week for a total transformation.  Yoga is amazing and will change your life.  With that being said I realize that not all can commit to this....go with your flow...but make a commitment to yourself and your practice.  Schedule Yoga as you would a business meeting.  It is a meeting...with yourself on your mat!

I'm late....can I still come to class??

If you are a new student on your first visit please arrive 15 minutes prior to class so we can fill out all the necessary paperwork.  If you are late please be quiet and find your spot in class with the least amount of disruption you can.

Do you play music...if you don't why not?

I teach Yoga with music and without.  To truly benefit the most and be present quiet music or no music works the best.  As we learn to breathe and listen to the silence you will find that you are not really needing the music in your practice.  Listen to your breath and your body.

Can I practice with an injury?

With your doctor's approval yes and a note.  Please let your instructor know so he/she may offer modifications based on your issue at hand.

Can I still practice if I am pregnant?

In most cases anything you did before pregnancy can still be done during your pregnancy, but keep in mind your body and your limitations.  Please speak with your doctor and practice accordingly.  Poses can always be modified.  If this is you...Congratulations!  :0





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