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Class Descriptions

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Hot Yoga

Heated Vinyasa Flow

A vigorous Hot Yoga class that is not only a great workout, but tons of fun! Set to music, this class will work you out and make you sweat. It will include yoga transitions and will move a bit faster than other yoga classes. Classes will also have a few challenging and technical yoga postures and the sequence does change a bit with new transitions introduced regularly!  All levels can practice!  Temperature approximately 85-95 degrees.  (Fluctuates) (I will work with each class)

Outside Yoga

Slow Flow-Unheated Class

A slightly slower paced Yoga class. Still has some flow, but with more emphasis on a slower breathing pattern. A challenging class and a great way to start your day! Beginner to Intermediate.  (All levels welcome)


Chair/Senior Yoga

Perfect for seniors, beginners or anyone with injuries.  A spark of Baptiste™ inspired flow using a chair!

Chair Yoga provides a unique opportunity to find deeper well-being though exploration of gentle postures, breath work, meditation and deep relaxation. So many health benefits of this mind-body practice through a gentle chair yoga session. This healing, calming and energizing practice can be incorporated throughout your work day and is also particularly beneficial if you find it uncomfortable to get onto or off of the floor or have difficulty with standing and balance.


Beginner's Yoga

This new class will be a non-heated 60 minute class.  Those wanting to see what yoga is about for the first time-this is a great place to start.  You will learn and grow through your practice!  Poses will be broken down and explained as the class goes on.

I will be offering a beginner workshop during the year also!  Be on the lookout!


Restorative Yoga

Prepare yourself for deep relaxation and restoration. I will arrange the necessary props for you during this 90 minute rest time.

The lights will be dimmed and soft music will be played. In some poses, I may cocoon you in blankets for extra warmth and coziness.

After you are set up in a pose with all your props, you will hold the pose for an extended period of time, often up to 5 to 10 minutes. Although you are supported, you will definitely still feel the stretch. You will continue to focus on your breath throughout the class. I may talk you through a meditation or play music. You may only do four or five poses over the course of the entire class. At the end of the class, your body feels open and refreshed, relaxed and restored.

Take some time to relax and be still with yourself. Enjoy some quiet time.


Private Lessons!

I strongly recommend one on one Yoga sessions for beginners or people with special injuries or health conditions.

Benefits include: Focused adjustments, Custom tailored practice and Direct-supervision.

One on one classes are a great way to expand your practice and to start your practice. Please contact me for hours and fees for private sessions!


Private Parties

Thinking of where to go and what to do for your birthday? Book a Yoga party with me today. Students have had some of the most fun ever by having me host a Yoga party. Price includes a private class for you and your friends in our studio!  Then hang out with your friends using the studio for your own private party.

Yoga parties are a fantastic way to spend time with your yogi friends, or friends that are thinking about yoga.  Please call/email me with your thoughts and ideas and we will make your party awesome!

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