Show me what you can do? Yoga?

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I am a yoga studio owner/instructor who loves what I do.  Yoga has changed my life and I want the world to practice!   I am a bit peeved today by what someone on Instagram said to me. It wasn’t meant to be taken as an offense.  But I took it as such.  The question was….I love your page, can you post photos of what ‘you can do?’  Hmmm…okay….you want to see photos of what I can do?  This is the exact comment….

Was looking threw your page to see if you had any personal pictures and videos or pictures of your practice. I’d like to see what you can do


On all my social media I like to encourage and uplift everyone.  I post a lot of insightful posts and a lot of yoga posts to encourage others to see what yoga can do for them.  Pictures of me doing poses is something I probably spend 10% of my time on.

So back to the situation.  What is yoga?  For me it is not about posting photos and showing the world what you can do.  For me it is about your soul, body, mind and spirit.  It is about finding your center, looking within and being still with yourself.  It is about finding yourself and coming back to who you are, not what you have been told to be.  It is about changing your life from the inside out and truly being here and now.  It is about being still and learning to control your thoughts…not letting your thoughts control you.

That is just a start…

How do I photograph that?  I wrote in my journal this morning about that….maybe take a photo of me just sitting and meditating?  But people do not want to see that?  Do they?  It is not pretty or showing strength?  But isn’t it really showing strength!!!  The strength of the mind and a commitment to looking within and being quiet. I have to tell my mind to quiet several times during meditation.  Determination yes.  Discipline yes.

Most all Yoga is about truly loving yourself and connecting to the universe (my thoughts remember).  Truly accepting who you are and learning to grow each day into a more loving person for yourself and to others.  Remembering who we are and moving towards that center.

I get the photos….I truly do.  For me…those tough poses tend to represent something in my life and I have taken them and will continue to do so, but for someone to want to see photos ‘what I can do’ really bugged me because for me it made yoga into something else that I didn’t like and will not do for myself.  I will never down anyone for posting yoga poses…we work hard for those poses….the question for me is where is my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit when I am in the pose and then post it on social media.  Is it for show, for strength to show others that you too can do this too, for some other reasons…for me this experience has and will continue to put me in check about this issue….because for me Yoga is about more than just the pose to show people what I can do.  Thank you for letting me share…Eileen

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Namaste to all

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