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Show me what you can do? Yoga?

HI, I am a yoga studio owner/instructor who loves what I do.  Yoga has changed my life and I want the world to practice!   I am a bit peeved today by what someone on Instagram said to me. It wasn’t meant to be taken as an offense.  But I took it as such.  The question […]

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Vaping Worked for Me!

My journey with smoking started when I was 13 years old.  I can still remember sitting at the skating rink with my friends and trying it for the first time.  Oh the horror… that continued for 33 more years!  Through those years I have looked back and so wished I could take that time back, […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency

This is my first official blog post! So here we go… First, if you are a man…please continue to read.  Vitamin D deficiency is important to both men and women.  You can skip the ‘women’ issues if you would like and go from there.  Women…please read this all the way through.  Anybody may know someone […]

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