The 5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga ™

  1. Drishti– Gaze (Refers to where you place your attention.  It is not limited to where your eyes are placed but often begins there.  Allows stillness in you if you fix on something stationary/fixed object).
  2. Ujjayi – Breath (Anchors you to the present moment.  Allows for constant, reliable connection to something that is actually happening in the present moment).
  3. Bandha/Foundation- Core, Hands & Feet (Foundation infers support.  Though foundation might seem limited to the floor, it can also be created by hugging in.  When the core becomes the source of foundation, support is available wherever you are in space)
  4.  Tapas – Heat (Heat makes both physicality and attitude malleable.  The goal of a practice is to gain power via choice.  Malleability is a requirement of change.  Heat softens what was fixed).
  5.  Vinyasa – Flow (All 4 previous pillars are necessary for access to flow.  Flow indicates a sort of balance that is sustainable because it is adaptable and changeable…in that , there is POWER).

Source:  Baptiste Yoga ™


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