Yoga Teacher Training-200 Hour

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Hi All!  I have completed my Yoga Teacher Training on November 10th, 2016.  One of the best experiences of my life!  Even if you do not want to become a yoga teacher-ALL will grow and experience change during the process.  I recommend it to everyone…whether teaching is in your future or not.

I came into this uncertain about what I wanted to do with it all, but as the process went by I new that I wanted to teach and that I was definitely in the right place.

Be prepared to FEEL and to express those feelings to the group of trainees.  Realize that you may cry A LOT.  That you may experience emotions that will seem to overwhelm you, but just trust the process.  I spent the first weekend crying every day-and when I say cry…not just a little….I cried a lot.  Letting go of crap is not always easy!

Be prepared to be put the test mentally, physically and emotionally.  This taps into the first one-I know, but I will expand here.  Physically-you will practice a lot.  You may do 3 practices in one day and they may all be hard.  Just stick with it and move on with it all.  Your body, mind and spirit will continue to grow through all of this.  Mentally you will be studying, learning, growing and even thinking I am crazy, but just keep going.  Emotionally, you will be happy, sad, elated, depressed, confused and more at different times.  You may be tired, even exhausted-keep pushing yourself, but don’t hurt yourself.

Be open to your Transformation…..Going through this process of self inquiry will transform your body, soul, spirit and mind.  Be open to the process.  Cry if you need to, laugh and let go.  Know that this process is ongoing and your transformation will occur through this training, but will also continue through your life.  You will see/look at things differently.  Your life will never be the same.

Seek support.  Find your like mined yogis and share this experience together.  Your new friends will encourage you through this process.  Your old friends will also do the same thing, but they will not fully understand like your fellow trainees!

Try to refrain from learning your sequences...etc…until after you start training.  I would suggest possible Sun A and Sun B, but no more than that before training.  Let the teachers teach you….that is what they are there for.  Their is a method to the madness and it works.  When I think back to my first day….OMG…what a transformation!  We taught the first day and I had such a hard time in front of everyone.  This continued until graduation!  Now I teach as much as I can and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Nerves-lots of them!  Feel them and live it and be in the moment.  You will be nervous and you will be VERY NERVOUS.  LOL!  Truly be in the moment and feel your feelings.  This will be one of the best moments of your life.  It is more than okay to be nervous!  The Universe has brought you to this moment and will carry you through….just do the work and trust that you are right where you need to be….because you are!

You will learn the history of Yoga, methodology, alignment, Sanskrit, postures, meditation, breathing…and more.  You will start (if you haven’t already) your own self practice.  My YTT was based on The Baptiste Methodology that I absolutely love.  We had to memorize this sequence along with the alignment cues, etc….Other types of Yoga-you will need to create your own flow.

Your practice will become much deeper and more personal.  Your understanding of the history of Yoga will also deepen your practice.  This part will most like continue to grow through your life as you continue to learn more and more.  You will develop a connection with the Universe, God as you understand God, or your higher power-whatever works for you here!  You will learn to deal with your life differently and not react, but act in your life.  Looking within to the why’s of your life and how you have been reacting to things.  Yoga is a way of life, a way of being.  You will learn this and will use Yoga to live life in the present moment and deal with your personal issues.

What A ride this has been and continues to be.  Now I am opening up my own Yoga Studio here in Chauvin, Louisiana. Who would have thought?  Trust, believe and follow your intuition.  You know…deep within.  Follow your heart.

Come visit my studio opening in April 2017-I am so excited!  Eileen





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